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Our process experts examine your IT infrastructure. Strengths, weaknesses as well as waste of time & resources are revealed and documented in your company’s processes. Based on the results, the found risks require an immediate action because IT is one of the company’s most value-adding part and has captured an essential core of business processing.


After the initial analysis, we supply an assessment of your IT landscape’s current state and the potential for improvement of performance regarding processes, as well as security. We will show you suggestions and potential solutions for solving intra-corporate shortfalls.


A proposal for solution based on the analysis and observations will be developed by our expert team - tailor-made to suit your personal requirements, your budget and your scheduling. Afterwards, for fine-tuning, we will naturally work in close consultation with you. The developed concept is the foundation of a successful subsequent realization and implementation.


High-complexity functions and features fail to cause the desired effect, if the handling and design are not user-friendly. In addition to the functionality, we ensure an attractive user-interface and appealing usability. Our heart beats for an intuitive and easy utilization of our software products, developed for you by our well-versed web and user experience designers.


The implementation of the solution will be made on your systems, always considering the prior stages of analysis. The implementation includes extensive compatibility-tests with your company’s pre-existing software products and infrastructure. Before implementation, examination and quality control procedures are taking place. We avoid downtimes and disruptions of your live systems.


Training, education and supporting you employees already starts in the design phase. Therefore, during the time of implementation and changes, no delays arise and smooth transition is guaranteed. New staff members, new requirements or modules need reintroduction or regular education and further training on the system. According to your preferences and without any difficulty, we train your employees on-site or at our own training center. With modern methods and technical know-how we offer cost-effective online courses to train your employees and evaluate their progress.


Solving your problems quickly and effectively is very important to BPEX. Every support interaction is seen as an opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to and for our customer’s satisfaction. Depending on your requirements, long-term support is also possible.

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