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Tailor-made solutions

BPEX Portal

Nowadays, users have high requirements on software portals or shopping cart systems. While placing an order, everyone expects the ‘Amazon effect’. The user guidance and available help need to be intuitive and appealing. By using UI designers and current programming technologies, we are able to customize the BPEX Portal as user-friendly as possible. The customer’s branding can be mapped without major efforts. Therefore the end-user gains a company binding experience. Start using our BPEX Portal and take advantage of the ‘Amazon effect’.

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BPEX Server

The BPEX Server is the core component of our database-driven processes and workflow solutions. Customer compliant and coordinated actions can be saved in the database by the BPEX Server, all fully automated! As a result, all components and their data are computed in a fast, agile and reliable manner. The BPEX Server is a proven solution for enterprise environments and capable to master thousands of transactions for different customers at the same time, 24/7.

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BPEX Process Designer

Business and IT processes are more important than ever before. Nowadays ITIL, security procedures, as well as environmental operations have to be more efficient, more effective and automated. Processes have been documented before, but were not automated. The BPEX Process Designer provides a solution by visualizing and modelling the process and transferring it to the BPEX Server afterwards. Thus, the BPEX Process Designer offers the pre-stage for graphical automation. 'Join processes into the BPEX Process Designer and make them come alive'.

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  • BPEX Portal

  • ‘One face to the customer’ portal for end-users, management and administration
  • ‘Amazon click and use’ end-user experience
  • Wizard-assisted ordering, organizational and administrative tasks
  • Portal adapts to completely different applications
  • Mappable customer branding and corporate identity
  • Role and group authorization concept
  • SaaS, OnPremise or depending on customer specifications operable environment
  • Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP protocol Notes Directory or Novell eDirectory connection
  • BPEX Server

  • Database-based workflow solution
  • Automation of IT and business processes
  • Stable, robust and fast processing of processes
  • Very high and fast transaction processing
  • Enterprise-tested and ‘ready to use’
  • Independent of database and technology
  • Based on current technology from Microsoft, Oracle or Open Source
  • BPEX Process Designer

  • Graphical editor to design IT and business processes
  • Graphically designed processes are automatically transferred to the BPEX Server
  • Easy-to-learn design language, inspired by ITIL, or BPML
  • Process elements and processes adaptable to the customer's environment
  • Easy visualization and documentation of IT and Business Processes<

We overcome any obstacles - for you

In services, servers, and mobile management, it’s today's challenge to make previously standalone systems optimally work together, achieving a high degree of automation, integration and improving service quality. The proper functioning and maintenance of single subsystems is the starting point. But the optimization of business processes through automated workflows is the next step and BPEX will help you acquiring this competitive advantage. Our mission is to connect single subsystems in a business process, in order to reduce manual efforts, reducing significantly costs and possible errors.

Our products possess the highest flexibility mark

We are developing our own product range, based on many years of experience in IT processes and automation, which can be individually adapted to today's customer requirements regardless the complexity of the infrastructure. We are capable of interconnecting existing solutions in the process of automating your software.

The missing link in your systems

Our solutions connect single "island systems" in the Service Management. Nowadays, more than ever, interaction between previously independent operating systems and infrastructure components is needed. The requirement is to connect individual subsystems into one centralized business process in order to reduce the manual effort, possible errors and costs. The integration and collaboration between single systems is required for success.

Exceed the limits of the impossible

BPEX develops software solutions that break the traditional boundaries of systems, making them work together efficiently in a centralized business process. With BPEX you have the opportunity to integrate your systems with one another, transitioning into a new data flow.

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