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Partner Products

Selected products from our partners

We analyze your existing tool landscape and bind the BPEX server using its engines to their established systems. Sometimes however, it is also desired to raise an existing process and workflow solutions to the next level. We bring our process and IT experience with a model and with your method to process the imaged automatism. We have the following manufacturing products in portfolio: Biomni, Citrix, Intel Security, Microsoft, Symantec, VMware.

Only the best for you:

  • Biomni Front Office Standard, Enterprise or MSP
  • Citrix Cloud Orchestrator
  • McAfee ePo
  • Microsoft Orchestrator (from the System Center family)
  • Symantec Workflow Solution
  • VMWware Orchstrator

Areas of use of our partners products

BPEX Portal & Server Software:

File Service Management for new installation, authorization, and auditing of the complete file and folder storage in a company.

BPEX Portal & Server Software:

Use case viruses submission service. End users are able hereby to upload conspicuously appearing emails or documents in a portal or to send them to a mailbox. The anomalies are then tested in the background of established ‘virus hunters’ and possibly combated by antivirus software updates. The customer, an operator of a data center, always has a current status, who, when, where, what information was sent.

Symantec Workflow Solution:

Use case Client Migrator for Group-wide switch from Windows XP or Windows 7. The process includes the user information, backup, scheduling, notification, migration, data recovery, and end-user feedback. The client Migrator is realized to date for Windows 7 by 8 / 8.1 or Windows 10.


Biomni has developed the Front Office solution as the service catalog platform. BPEX offers the Biomni product to its customers, and partners. Front Office covers all aspects of modern eCommerce from inside and outside of IT. Whether is ordered a new hardware, software or even a fact-based service, approved, and delivered. Biomni Front Office is quick to implement, to be filled with content and can be quickly transferred into production.

Symantec Workflow Solution:

Symantec Workflow Solution is a leading, flexible solution for the automation of complex systems-management tasks. The solution is integrated into the Symantec Management Platform, but can also communicate with any other queries and software through API's, WebService or database.