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June 20, 2014

BPEX wins first major Backup as a Service (BaaS)

In cooperation with Biomni and Symantec we won a first major project for the implementation of the Biomni backup as a service solution. In the background, the Symantec NetBackup infrastructure runs at one of the largest Internet hosting providers in Germany.

July 07, 2013

VDI and VMWare ESX Server Automatation at another major bank in Frankfurt

In the context of our datacenter automation strategy, BPEX could win another customer together with Symantec for the produtc workflow solution. The customer wanted to introduce a global task and schedule services, which runs in the 'background' and provisions and maintains the existing VMWare ESX or VMWare view environments. The project extended well into the year 2014.

February 05, 2013

BPEX 2.0 is available

BPEX 2.0 strengthens our self-service idea with a new user interface and wizards for novices, and provides easy and immediate access to core functionalities via menu tiles for experienced users.

New functionality in BPEX 2.0 at a glance:
  1. Wizard for inexperienced users
  2. No reloading of page when doing a folder search (On Page Update)
  3. Progress and holding information
  4. Auto-complete function (Boost to Search)
  5. Micro-help
  6. Separate functionality for novices and for advanced users

Introduction of BPEX Assist

BPEX Assist guides the employee through the work to be done. Thanks to the modern BPEX Assist Technology, customized Wizard guidance can be created quite easily, enabling our customers to flexibly implement their individual requirements. In addition, BPEX Assist takes the different experience levels of the users into account. There are wizards for novice users, while experienced users can immediately access all functions via menu tiles.

Complete revision of the user interface

Improved overviews and search functionality make the user interface more intuitive and enables employees to navigate faster. In addition, the design and animation was completely revised and modernized.

February 14, 2012

Backup as a Service (BaaS) with Biomni and Symantec

Biomni as well as Gartner strategically place Backup as a Service (short BaaS) in a strong position. BPEX developed a wide and thorough expertise both of Symantec NetBackup and the VMware vCenter vDirector environment, which are necessary for the establishment of a BaaS solution. At the same time, we launch various sales activities.