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The solution: BPEX Portal

BPEX Portal

Flexible & custom: The BPEX Portal

Our proven BPEX Portal combines the highest possible individuality and flexibility - the best solution for all of your tasks with simple operations. In future, edit recurring tasks faster, easier and more efficient.

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We offer








The solution: BPEX Server

BPEX Server

Pure Performance: BPEX Server

Our servers are equipped with all the necessary applications and can be configured according to your requirements. Your data is surely well protected: Encrypted transmissions are an absolute must. You know your data’s location and by whom it is managed. You can benefit from the best possible performance and fast reaction times in case of incidents.

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7 reasons for BPEX

1. We are certified

We attend education and training courses, continuously. We are always up to date and able to offer you the best expertise.

2. Capacity to listen

The use of a run-of-the-mill solution with possible security vulnerabilities is not an option for BPEX. We listen to you and customize our products based on your preferences.

3. Tailor-made solutions

No customer is like the other - different requirements must be fulfilled individually. Therefore, the developed solution has to fit in a flexible way and based on your desires. That’s our specialty.

4. Communication is the key

We are a well-functioning team of various departments. Exchanging knowledge between team members and customers is of a great importance for BPEX. Thus, we achieve our goals based on cooperation and interaction. We are here to help, simply talk to us.

5. Security is a must

Due to extensive research, analysis and testing , the implemented software solution from BPEX excludes security gaps.

6. Experience of our experts

Long years of use and enhancing our products develop us to experts. Our customers appreciate that. These are large, prestigious and small, medium-sized companies of different industrial sectors.

7. Open-minded

An honest and open approach to our customers is one of the pillars for a successful and constructive cooperation. You can talk about anything with us.

The solution: Process Designer

BPEX Prozess Designer

BPEX Process Designer

Design your own processes using an intelligent graphic user interface. Optimize processes and structures in an effective manner, saving you time and money.

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What does
BPEX do?

Race against time

We are experts in the area of process automation. Our customizable solutions allow to implement your own concepts. You will save time and money, while working efficiently and achieving your company’s mission in an automatized environment.

Helping you succeeding

Having years of experience, we walk you throughout initial analysis, implementing solutions and support service, always caring about your challenges and finding effective solutions.

Just talk to us

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