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FAQ Area - Your questions quickly answered

1. What exactly does "We automate processes" mean? Some of our internal procedures are not linear, but differently branched on a case?

The strength of the BPEX portal is its flexibility and its almost unlimited capacity for expansion. Of course, inhomogeneous and branched chain process can be configured depending on the requirements; parameterized and managed, extended and restricted at any time.

2. What does it mean for me in practical use with BPEX if my processes change over time or need to be restructured?

All processes are changing over time; they grow with the requirements, become needless or need to get bundled. With each new release of BPEX we adapt your portal to meet your changing new requirements. On request, tailored by our experienced specialists.

3. We use both, different platforms with different operating systems, as well as different versions of operating systems. How this works together with BPEX?

The BPEX portal is a web-based service. Regardless of where in the world you choose to access it, or what kind of computer or device you use - as long as you have Internet access and can identify yourself in accordance with the safety requirements, you will be able to do all your tasks from any platform in the breeze.

4. In our company we use a central database structure, we do not want change. In addition, we use an Active Directory. The access can be selectively controlled via the BPEX Portal?

The great strength of the BPEX Portal is its individual flexibility. Through our extensive years of experience with diverse database structures in major international banks, insurance companies, service providers and in the automotive sector we have designed an instrument for you, which allows you to implement and combine any existing structural problems.

5. In our company, we manage highly sensitive and confidential customer data. How are these data, protected by unauthorized external, as well as through unauthorized internal access?

We only work with the largest and most experienced IT security experts in the world and use their experiences and possibilities. Our own CISMs, CERTs and vulnerability specialists know all the current threat potentials and use the latest encryption and access algorithms. We have only one thing in mind: your discretion and your safety.

6. What happens if we want to incorporate in addition entirely new processes later?

The BPEX portal is not a static monolith that, once acquired, remains stuck in its status. It grows with your success, your progress and your needs. We support you throughout the service and stay with you as your partner.

7. Basically, we don’t want to implement a new system, but only to edit our different processes with access to different databases with one centrally authorized tool. Does it work with BPEX?

Through our concept of structured analysis, we give you exactly the tools in your hand, which you really need. By analyzing your processes, consulting, designing your custom portal, up to the design, testing and finally to the implementation, we have only one thing in mind: to increase your effectiveness, to reduce your costs. Of course, we use your existing structures as far as possible.