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BPEX Server

Pure Performance: The BPEX Server

The BPEX Server is the heart of our database-driven process and workflow solution. The customer compliant and coordinated processes can be saved by the BPEX Server in the database - fully automated! Thus, all the processes and their data are database-driven, and therefore very fast and agile in the processing. The BPEX Server is Enterprise tested. For different customers, it ‘masters’ each day 7 x 24 tens of thousands of transactions.

Why our BPEX Server?

  • Database-based workflow solution
  • Any IT and business process can be automated
  • Stable, robust and fast processing of processes
  • Very high and fast transaction processing
  • Enterprise-tested and ‘ready to use’
  • Independence of database or technology
  • Based on current technology from Microsoft, Oracle or Open Source
  • Engines for controlling other systems, such as Exchange, Notes, Active Directory, etc.

Field of application of BPEX Server

Designed with our customers and long-standing proven in productive use, BPEX has created the 'BPEX Server' and 'BPEX Portal' as a solution for IT service providers who control the complex automation tasks of authorization management for end users in large enterprises and global corporations:

  • File Service Management
  • SAP Permissions Management
  • Messaging & Collaboration Management
  • Active Directory Provisioning

The BPEX Server is the heart and the control center. It monitors and records the entire business process. In the Workflow, the BPEX Server controls delays, starts operations at a certain time, or responds to errors. The BPEX Server interacts with the engines. The engines can thereby be flexibly distributed throughout the network. The engines are implemented as open WebServices, which guarantees maximum distribution and integration in operating systems and networks.

The BPEX solution is a separate software of the BPEX GmbH and integrates into existing system environments to ease IT service providers complex and costly special tasks, and comprehensible to automate.