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BPEX Process Designer

BPEX Process Designer

Business and IT processes are more important than ever. Because today ITIL, security procedures, as well as the operation of an environment must become more efficient, more effective and automated to run than ever before. The processes have been documented before, but not automated. The BPEX Process Designer provides a solution by visualizing and modelling the process, and finally it will be transferred to the BPEX Server. Thus, the process designer provides the precursor for graphic automation. 'Bring the process into the Designer and then bring it to life'.

What to do with the BPEX Process Designer?

  • Graphical editor to model processes
  • Graphical process elements with specific configuration attributes
  • Processes are automatically transferred to the server BPEX
  • Simple design language, inspired by ITIL, or BPML
  • Adaptable to customer process elements and processes
  • Easy visualization and documentation of IT and business processes
  • Software based on customer requirements from existing implementations
  • Simple expansion possible according to customer specifications

Use of BPEX Process Designer

The BPEX Process Designer enables simple configuration of the visual processing of technical business processes. These processes include processes that affect or involve IT systems. Especially when various processes are to be automated these processes are based primarily on the processing of data and processes through information technology. It is not unusual that in the cycle of the procedure, a wide variety of different systems, computers, servers and software interfaces, to be addressed in order to carry out the relevant tasks. The BPEX Process Designer provides at this point help by:

  • Simple implementation/process creation
  • Quick and easy administration of processes
  • Fast copying and modifying a process
  • Better understanding of processes based on visual design of business processes
  • Better and faster root cause analysis in case of errors within a process
  • Employees who are not involved in the planning and implementation of the process, can thus later understand the process anyway and administer it in a reliable way

A technical business process touches usually several IT systems, which have their own input and output parameters. In addition to the actual process of creating this also has to be administered over a long period and adjusted occasionally, what a broad knowledge presupposes and may require a lot of time.

The BPEX Process Designer makes it a lot easier to create new processes, to copy existing processes, to manage processes and to go in case of failure to root cause analysis.

The visual support increased understanding and the rapid identification of individual steps, their meanings and the necessary parameters within a run. This is especially important if the employees, who have to deal with a process, do not need be be involved in the original planning and implementation.

The main advantages of the use of such a process designer are thus enormous time savings for your employees and thus cost savings for your business.

Use of BPEX Process Designer:

  • Access to Web Designer via popular browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome.
  • All relevant process relevant steps can be done with "point and click".
  • Settings such as input and output parameters can be easily edited.

Processes can be edited without disturbance of ongoing operations. Once you are done with the process, changes can be easily uploaded in the production environment.