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BPEX Portal

Flexible & custom: The BPEX Portal

Today's users have high demands on software portals or shopping cart systems. Everyone has, when ordering, the ‘Amazon experience’ in mind. The user guidance and the help options must be intuitive and appealing. Through the use of UI designers, as well as the use of the most current programming technologies, we can customize the BPEX portal BPEX appealing as possible. The branding of the customer can be mapped smoothly, so that the end user experiences a binding corporate experience. Order services on the BPEX Portal and experience the ‘Amazon effect’.

What can the BPEX Portal do?

  • Portal for end users, management and administration
  • ‘Amazon click and use’ end-user experience
  • Wizard-assisted ordering, organizational or administrative tasks
  • Portal adapts to completely different applications
  • Mappable customer branding and corporate identity
  • Role and group authorization concept
  • SaaS, OnPremise or depending on customer specifications operable environment
  • Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP protocol Notes Directory or Novell eDirectory connection

The use of the BPEX Portal

Flowing connection to BPEX Server and BPEX Process Designer

The BPEX portal not only serves as interface for the BPEX server, but also the configuration platform for the engines. Through the use of our Process Designer, it will allow you to flexibly create your processes using the actions offered by the BPEX servers.

Give your employees an easier handling of your systems

The BPEX portal can also be used as an interface for ordering services for your employees. Also, approval processes, whether budget-driven or approved by supervisors, are controlled via the portal. The status of the workflow engine, as well as extensive state operations can be viewed in BPEX portal.

Usermanagement for professionals

By AD authentication, a very easy integration into your existing AD is possible. For those who do not have AD, LDAP authentication is provided or a separate user management will be integrated to the Portal. The concept for your employees can be easily summarized.